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January - June 2018, Oculus

Chrysalis is a VR adventure game in which players assume the role of an explorer who gets trapped within the innards of a cocoon-like monster while traveling at sea. In the belly of the beast lies a surreal ecosystem filled with mysteries to be discovered and countless wonders and creatures that players can interact with to uncover clues for escape.

Kaley Cho worked on Chrysalis as a concept artist, texture artist, and 3D modeler. She was also responsible for the layout of the Octopus Chamber and the Lobster Chamber.

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Brenda Chen: Creative Director, Technical Artist, Character Designer
Kaley Cho: Concept Artist, Texture Artist, and 3D Modeler
Erika Gomi: Concept Artist, Animator, and Texture Artist
Catherine Chen: Concept Artist and Game Designer
Dave Zhu: Concept Artist, Animator, Dr. Sklounst Voice, Squave Voice
Gabriel Martinez: Animator
Gaige Hallman: Rigger
Jinzhi Du: 3D Modeler and Animator
Nipun Chordiya: Animator
Kelly Chen: Character Designer, Dr. Blob Voice, Writer
Yimin Zhang: 3D Modeler and Texture Artist
Li Wenzhao: Rigger
David Deedwania: Composer and Sound Designer
Adam Katz: Adam voice, Squaddam voice
Barry Strum: Squarry voice
Madeline Landry: Squideline voice
Sagar Ramesh: Squeegan voice, Dr. Blob acting reference
Special Thanks: Angie Jones, Candace Reckinger, Christina Tanouye, Ebony Peay Ramirez, Gina Chen, Maks Naporowski, Mike Patterson, Philip Chen, Richard Lemarchand, and Teresa Cheng
3D Model + Texture
Concept Art
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