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Getty Unshuttered
Immersive Projection Exhibit
June 20 2018, J. Paul Getty Museum
Kaley Cho created motion graphics animations, text animations, and interactive animations for the wall projections.
She created a total of 13 animations with a duration of 30 seconds each for the non-interactive animations.
Kaley Cho also created interactive animations in TouchDesigner for "Pixel Rhythms".
Event Photos

Creative Director - Patterson, Michael

Producer - Campos, Martzi

Animation Producer - Lee, Ann

Animator - Cho, Kaley

Pixel Rhythms
The interactive animation, "Pixel Rhythms", was created with TouchDesigner and Kinect sensor 2. The Kinect detected people's skeletons and the animations were added in TouchDesigner. The background animations were manipulated by people's skeletons with the displacement node in TouchDesigner.

TouchDesigner Artists:

Kaley Cho

Ankita Panda

Crystal Jow

Keshav Prasad

Wall Animation
Pixel Map + Final Render