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May 2018, USC Pacific Asia Museum

'Integration' is a real-time audio reactive installation by Kaley Cho. This installation was exhibited at the USC Pacific Asia Museum to celebrate the harmony between Chinese art and Mexican art. The mountain background was influenced by Chinese paintings, and the abstract particle animation was influenced by the vibrant colors of Mexican art. 'Integration' is an installation that can be completed by the participation of the audience, thus showing how people influence each other when it comes to art and culture.

The mountain backgrounds are created in Cinema4D and rendered with redshift in a 3840x1080 format. The backgrounds are then imported into Touchdesigner and combined with the particle system that is driven by the frequency of the piano. Two projectors were installed on the grid in the exhibition space and were both connected to the computer for the live animation. There was also a Zoom H1 microphone installed inside the piano to send the audio signals into Touchdesigner. It was challenging to filter out other sounds than the piano, so having the microphone inside the piano helped reduce the noise and voices being sent to Touchdesigner.

Adobe Design Achievement Awards

Fine Art - Animation / Motion Graphics Semifinalist - Evidence

Thanks to:
Lisa Mann
Evan Tedlock
Ankita Panda
Keshav Prasad
TouchDesigner - Development process
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