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Gameplay Mechanics



In SC02: Cubic Tunnels, the player will find the cubic puzzle. The player can touch the levers to rotate the cubes in order to solve the puzzle. The lights will switch on when a cube is in the correct orientation.



In SC03 Aqua Jungle, the player will encounter a giant boulder blocking their path. The player must use the scaling mechanic in order to proceed.


Hold left & right grip

Scale down - Move arms closer to each other

Scale up - Move arms further away from each other


The player can go through once the boulder is scaled down.


In case the player can't figure out the scaling mechanic, they can go through the rocks on the side. The collider is disabled for emergency escape.

Focus Mode


In SC03 Aqua Jungle, the player has to capture a tuna in order to get directions. 

The tuna will be difficult to catch in a regular state, and it is recommended to use Focus Mode.

Focus Mode is a special ability the DOS has that can slow down time. Focus Mode will last for 5 seconds.

The player can easily approach the tuna by using Focus Mode.


Press X

Phone booths

Phone booths can be found in various places in the Dreamworld. Phone booths can be activated by touching the phone. Once activated, it will show voice messages from Mil's parents after she ran away from home. 

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