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Opal: An Immersive Light Bath

"“Opal” is an immersive light bath shared between four people. In this experience participants get to relax in a crystal pool and interact with colorful animations that are projected onto their bodies. This installation is a mix of fine arts, animation, and tech. All the crystal sculptures were handmade and sculpted from styrofoam, the projected visuals are a mix of 2D and 3D animation, and the interactions were created using an Xbox Kinect and a software called TouchDesigner.​

Kaley Cho created real-time graphics and implemented motion detection with TouchDesigner. She also created rendered graphics with Cinema4D and blended them with the real-time graphics created in TouchDesigner.

Creative Director - Chen, Brenda

Technical Artist - Cho, Kaley

Creative Engineer - Bright, Arvind

Composer - Deedwania, David

TouchDesigner Advisor - Michaelsen, Will

Advisor - Patterson, Mike

Advisor - Sofian, Sheila

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