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Week 1: Early Ideation


Tools: Houdini, C4D, Maya

Languages: Python, Vex, Mel

Genre: Abstract, Procedural Animation, Visual Music

Possible techniques: Data Visualization, AI, Deep Learning


Use of Classical Music

  • Don't need to worry about copy rights

  • High quality music without any cost

For my Senior Project, I am hoping to create an abstract film based on a chosen classical music. Music is a crucial part of society, culture, and history. Understanding music or liking music does not require any education. Everyone has some sort of musical taste that they have acquired naturally. It is human instinct to react to music.

According to research, only humans are able to understand both rhythm and pitch simultaneously.

Unlike music, some art forms require some education or historical context to appreciate. Some people may look at Mark Rothko's paintings and wonder why he is such a renowned artist.

My goal is to create an abstract film that can have an impact on people like how music can.

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