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Week 10: Pitch Deck

Updated: Sep 17, 2019


Tools: Houdini, C4D, Maya

Languages: Python, Vex, Mel

Genre: Abstract, Procedural Animation, Visual Music

Possible techniques: Data Visualization, AI, Deep Learning


"A visual music film which explores the complex interconnections of nature and shows the triviality of humanity"

LUCA - Last Universal Common Ancestor

Luca is the most recent common ancestor of all current life on Earth. LUCA is not thought to be the first living organism on Earth, but only one of many early organisms, whereas the others became extinct. There is evidence that it could have lived deep underground in iron-sulfur rich hydrothermal vents.

Journey of LUCA

Starting from LUCA in the hydrothermal vents, the film will follow the cycle of nature. Different environments and natural phenomena will be connected by movement and musical cues.

The film will consist of three sections:

1. Creation

2. Life

3. Destruction


1. A film that people can instinctively appreciate

Music is a crucial part of society, culture, and history. Understanding music or liking music does not require any education. Everyone has some sort of musical taste that they have acquired naturally. It is human instinct to react to music.

“Only humans are able to understand both rhythm and pitch simultaneously.”

2. Fantasia in 3D

Realistic rendering + musical movement

Music: Lauda Jerusalem by Vivaldi



Houdini - Simulations (fluid, pyro, dynamics, crowds)

Cinema4D - Organic animation (coral, plants)

Maya - Lighting and Rendering (Redshift)

Motionbuilder - Crowds mocap data clean up

Substance Painter & Designer - Texturing

NukeX - Compositing


Simulation > Animation > Texture > Lighting & Rendering > Composite

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