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Week 11: GAIA

The title has changed from LUCA to GAIA.


GAIA is a visual music film which explores the marine ecosystem and the influences of humans.


Starting from the hydrothermal vents, the film will follow various marine life forms as we gradually ascend. Different environments and natural phenomena will be connected by movement and musical cues.

The film will consist of three sections:

Nature: The beauty of nature

  • Hydrothermal vent: Represent birth/life

  • Deep water ecosystem

  • Shallow water ecosystem: Coral, Fish

  • Above ocean (waves): Flying fish

  • Sky: Birds

Humans: Depiction of humans harming the oceans ecosystem

  • Noise pollution: Disturbs the communication of marine animals

  • Overfishing

  • Pouring trash into the ocean

  • Light pollution (transition to night time)

Revenge: Nature takes action to fight off humans

  • Storm

  • Tsunami: Water monster eating people - People visible inside the body

  • Volcano: Lava monster melting buildings

  • Fire: Could start from poor structural integrity, Lightning

  • Halo


  1. Greek mythology: Gaia is the personification of the Earth and one of the Greek primordial deities.

  2. Gaia Hypothesis: Proposes that living organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a synergistic and self-regulating, complex system that helps to maintain and perpetuate the conditions for life on the planet.

Visual Score

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