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Week 3: Visual Goals

Updated: Sep 17, 2019


Tools: Houdini, C4D, Maya

Languages: Python, Vex, Mel

Genre: Abstract, Procedural Animation, Visual Music

Possible techniques: Data Visualization, AI, Deep Learning



Nature + Artificiality

Water: Wave, Waterfall, Tsunami, Floods, Blood falls, Hydrothermal vents

Fire: Wildfire, Explosion, Smoke

Wind: Tornado, Hurricane

Earth: Earthquakes, Volcanos, Sailing Stones, Eye of the Sahara

Life: Coral Bloom, Fairy circles

Other: Frozen methane bubbles, Halo, Penitentes, Bismuth crystals, Desert roses, Cave pearls, Aurora


Artificiality Examples

1. Moana: Good example of controlled fluid simulations

2. Refik Anadol: Using data

3. Davide Quayola: Lots of nature inspiration


Nature Examples

1. Wildfire

2. Volcanos

3. Waves

4. Tsunami


Hydrothermal vents (Theory for the origin of life)

Frozen methane bubbles




Blood fall


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