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VJ Box
VJ Box is a VJ program that plays custom animations and sounds based on keyboard input. This program is written in Java for a Graphical User Interface class at USC. 
The user can customize various attributes of the output:
  • Keyboard audio type
  • Background graphic
  • Hue, saturation, brightness, contrast of animations
  • Animation speed
The program also provides recording and playback functionalities.

Java classes:

  • Core

    • Adds UI classes and the window to the scene​

  • Keyboard

    • Process keyboard inputs ​

    • Calls addSprite method from the Sprite class

    • Plays sound

    • Select and switch sound

  • Sprite

    • Loads animations​ and saves them in an array

    • Loads backgrounds and saves them in an array

    • Adds sprites and backgrounds to the Window class

  • SpriteView - Extends ImageView

    • ​Creates ImageView and ColorAdjust​
    • Set HSBC values for ColorAdjust
    • ​​​Saves imageAdjust values for each sprite in an array

    • Advance frames to show animations

  • UIcontrol

    • Adds key selection buttons​

    • Adds audio selection buttons

    • Adds background selection buttons

    • Adds HSBC sliders

    • Adds animation speed slider

  • UIrecord

    • Adds record and playback buttons​

  • Window

    • Adds sprites and background to the scene​

    • Removes sprites from the scene

    • Records keyboard inputs for playback

    • Plays animations

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