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Unreal Engine Shaders: Materia

Updated: May 15

Final shader with niagara particles:


  • Base pass shader: 288 instructions

  • Base pass vertex shader: 187 instructions

  • MaxSampler: 337 instructions

  • Textures samplers: 6/16

Shader graph break down:

  • Fresnel for outline effect.

  • Inverted Fresnel for center glow.

  • Motion4wayChaos with BumpOffset for animated texture with parallax.

  • 2 texture samples with BumpOffset to add stars and noise.

Unreal shader graph fresnel
Unreal shader graph Motion4WayChaos
Motion4WayChaos with BumpOffset
Unreal Engine shader graph BumpOffset
Textures with BumpOffset
Unreal Engine shader graph Motion4WayChaos
Motion4WayChaos material function

Motion4WayChaos is a material function that animates the input texture in 4 different directions.


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